Friday, October 30, 2009

The Two-Bit Jedi Mind Trick

Yep...I'm at it again, dear readers. The mendicants at CounterKnowledge keep calling me can begin here for the nonsense that begat this rant:

Of course, John...these pathetic dicks just attempt their sophistry over and over again. They think that they're two-bit Obi-Wans trying a Jedi mind trick...

"Steel-framed buildings CAN collapse from fire..."

"Those Israelis who found the private residences of DEA agents aren't spies..."

"Passports survive conflagarations that can damage an indestructible black box..."

"Taking a juicy load to the throat doesn't make you a cock-smoker..."

"Our tribe would never collude to defraud the world and give each other Nobel Prizes and PhDs and "peer-review" each others' completely factless propaganda..."

"I will insist that you defend someone else's statement even when you clearly post a link separating your comments from referred text from another personage..."

"These are not the fund-stealing, child-blood drinking, scat-loving, lying sacks of shite you're looking for..."

You guys are the ultimate asshats. To think that you fucking mendicants could "magic" away my 60-page document providing NAMES, DATES, TIMES OF ATTEMPTED INFILTRATIONS of your retarded countrymen who, if it is to be believed, located the homes of the various intelligence personnel COMPLETELY AT RANDOM, selling "paintings" they didn't even create, for exhorbitant amounts.


Do you really think that John Thames and I are going to wake up one day and say, "Gosh...we've been such silly geese! Of course open-air jet-fueled fires can melt steel! Of course the Holocau$t happened as stated - why would someone lie about that?"

Every bloody day, some new facet is peeled from the lie factory you pieces of garbage have built. Keep adhering to your stupid lies...I hope you are all buried in the rubble when it all comes crashing down.

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