Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Story Behind "Esta Puta Quiere Pinga"

Did you happen to see this image inserted into subway advertisements the past week? I was on the way home, when I spotted one of these posters inserted in between a subway advertisement and the plastic veneer - admittedly, my Spanish is a tad spotty, but I do know the meaning of the four words surrounding the image therein.

This occurrence coincides with an unrelated (as of this writing) rash of homophobic attacks upon individuals.

I'll just say this: many of these attacks are purported to be from people "asserting their masculinity"; I would posit that these are actually latent homosexuals attempting to prove that they don't have gay tendencies.

Guess what, nitwits - it's not gonna work. Let's hope your cellmates are gentle.
APUESTA, El Blog - The message of this poster, allegedly spotted in New York City, is a violently misogynistic and homophobic. ¿Realmente es tan difícil de reconocer? Is it really that hard to recognize?

Imaginémonos, por un segundo, que el objeto del ataque no es Luis Fortuño. Imagine, for a second, that the object of attack is not Luis Fortuño. Imaginemos que se trata de una mujer, figura pública, y para no complicar la cosa, que es alguien politicamente "neutral". Imagine that this is a woman, a public figure, and not complicate the matter, as someone politically "neutral." Imaginemos que se trata de Maripily. Imagine that this is Maripily.

Imaginemos una persona desconocida, por razones desconocidas, fija carteles con la imagen de Maripily, con la frase "ESTA PUTA QUIERE PINGA". Imagine a stranger, for unknown reasons, fixed with posters of Maripily, with the phrase "THIS SLUT WANTS ping". ¿Qué persona con un mínimo de formación y conciencia social negaría entonces que se trata de un acto misógino, una incitación a la agresión sexual, independientemente de los motivos que pudiera tener la persona para hacerlo? What person with minimal training and then deny that social consciousness is a misogynist act, an incitement to sexual assault, regardless of the reasons the person may have to do?

Volvamos entonces a Fortuño. Let us then Fortuño. ¿Estará nuestra imaginación colectiva realmente tan patéticamente demacrada, que lo PEOR que le podemos desear a ese pichón de fascista es algo que AL MENOS el 50% de la población (presumiendo que las mujeres "biológicas" son el 50%, menos X% de lesbianas y trans-hombres, más igual porcentaje de hombres gay y trans-mujeres) encuentra placentero? Will our collective imagination really so pathetically emaciated, that the worst thing that we want to pigeon fascist that is something that at least 50% of the population (assuming that women "organic" are 50% less than X% lesbian and trans-men, plus an equal percentage of gay men and trans-women) is pleasurable?

Quizás se podría argumentar que para EL es lo peor que le puede pasar, pero (aún suponiendo que conociéramos con certeza su preferencia sexual) con un poco de esfuerzo, no toma más de par de segundos pensar en MUUUCHAS cosas que hasta Fortuño tendría que admitir son menos agradables... Perhaps one could argue that for him is the worst that can happen, but (even if we knew for certain sexual preference) with a little effort, it takes more than two seconds to think many, many things would have to admit to Fortune less pleasing ...

Peor aún, parece ser que la homofobia internalizada es tal, que para algunos compañeros y compañeras, ACUSARLO de QUERER "que le den pinga" (en otras palabras, llamarle gay) es lo peor que se le puede decir a Luis Fortuño . Worse, it appears that internalized homophobia is such that for some colleagues, accused of wanting "to give you prick" (in other words, call it gay) is the worst thing you can say to Luis Fortuño.

Hay veces que nuestra ansiedad por evitar que nos tilden de "Politically Correct" (ansiedad producto del "white liberal guilt" gringo, y bastante ridícula, por cierto) nos convierte en la razón misma por la cual es necesario insistir, a veces, en la corrección política, que no es otra cosa que la verticalidad de nuestros principios. There are times when our anxiety to avoid being labeled as "Politically Correct" (anxiety product of "white liberal guilt" gringo, and quite ridiculous, of course) make us the very reason why it is necessary to insist, sometimes in political correctness, which is not simply the verticality of our principles.

¿O acaso alguien en la izquierda se atrevería a llamarle "negro de mierda" a Obama, por intensificar la ocupación de Afghanistan, o no retirarle la ayuda militar a la dictatdura hondureña? Or perhaps someone on the left would dare call him a "black shit" to Obama, to intensify the occupation of Afghanistan, or not withdraw military aid to the Honduran dictatdura? Es un reto, adelante... It is a challenge ahead ...

Que viva Puerto Rico libre, sí, pero libre de misoginia y homofobia también. Long live free Puerto Rico, yes, but free of misogyny and homophobia as well.

Con "patriotas" así, que viva la estadidad radical... With "patriots" and, living radical statehood ...

Actualización: Justo cuando uno pensaba que la miopía política de la izquierda no podía ser peor, hay quienes encuentran gracioso que "hasta Hitler está contra Fortuño" ... Update: Just when you thought the political myopia of the left could not be worse, some people are funny "to Hitler is against Fortuño" ...

In other news...New York City will soon bear witness to the maiden voyage of the U.S.S. New York, soon to wind it way into the waters of NYC, on its way to Norfolk, Virginia. The incredible fact herein is that the ship contains 7.5 tons of steel from the site of the World Trade Center. Now, I don't believe that there is anything to concern us, dear readers...BUT...if the "official" story of the events of September 11th, 2001 do not hold water, and there is evidence of nano-thermite mixed within this ship's firmament, someone may want to ensure that we aren't allowing a veritable time-bomb within the harbours of New York City.

Mayoral debates tonight - my bet is that we will inaugurate a new mayor in November. I was a supporter of Bloomberg until he usurped the will of WE THE PEOPLE by extending term limits and flouting the will of New Yorkers. That's where you blew it, Mike. And can you stop it with all of the goddamned mailings? I can wallpaper the Sistine Chapel with all of the paper you wasted.

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