Sunday, December 20, 2009

Beating A Rotting Nag

Just a quick one tonight, dear readers. Hope the holiday season is greeting you with some modicum of joy.

I've a great couple of weeks ahead. I will pay it forward with my best wishes to you all.

So...look outside of your window. See that undeniable evidence of anthropogenic global warming?

I thought so.

Albert Gore is a lickspittle henchman of the scumbags already reaping rewards from their new derivative - Climate Change Credits.

Let's just be clear here - the Copenhagen conference was NEVER about actually doing anything about` the environment...because there's no bloody way to do it. Of course, we can all make an effort not to consciously and lazily add to atmospheric pollution, but not a sentence with this mindset was ever uttered even once during this conference.

This is all about gaming the system. This is nothing but a scheme to defraud nations and the people living within. The ClimateGate emails and texts should have put the lie to all of the grandiose glad-handing...despite their insistence that "hide the decline" actually didn't mean that the decline was being hidden. All of the nonsense about people opposed to "AGW" being the tools of Big I seem like I'm a paid whore from Exxon/Mobil? Do I wear BP underwear? Fuck 'em - they're just another bunch of scumbags, raping us all for a renewable resource that they called "fossil fuel" until the work of Russian scientists was brought to the fore by the plagiarism of Thomas Gold. Read this in case David McGowan's pages aren't readily accessible.

Dear readers, here's the news: we're not going to run out of oil, unless we keep wasting it on bullshite wars like what's currently occurring.

Why are we in Afghanistan? Go no further than Mike Rivero's cogent analysis, replete with images of our soldiers standing uniform-deep in poppy fields.

Or is it that you couldn't give a fuck? Just shut up, pal; grab a beer, check out that fumble; why do ah need ta pay attenshun ta that crap? ah got mah teevee; ah got mah beer; ah got mah job...hey - pass me that phone...hello...whut? Whut do yah mean, the plant's shut down? It was releasing TOO MUCH CO2? Ah thut thet dang conference took care of all thet! Dang...ah knew thet glo-BULL wormin' was a bunch of horseapples...there's three feet of snow outside.

That's right...look outside, dear readers. You see an Earth warming out of control?

The only thing "out of control" are the avaricious appetites of the scumbags attempting to scam their way into your wallets by charging you for exhaling carbon dioxide...something that is part of our ecosystem. Plants require CO2 to LIVE. CO2 is part of the food chain, and is an integral part of the circle of life.

Haven't you heard scientists refer to humans as a "carbon-based life form"?

One last note - our drone camera feeds were hacked into by off-the-shelf software? Someone's head should fucking roll...of course, this idea is total bullshite. You guys better come up with a better tale than that.

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hANOVER fIST said...

Wow...I don't know quite what to say.

I don't know how I'm going to have time to blog further and check out the gazillion links you left me...also, I'm going to need a gross of Kleenex and an unlimited phone card.

What a world.