Monday, December 7, 2009

The Copenhagen Crime Fable Begins!

Yes! Today is the day that representatives from nearly 200 nations try to jam a lie down the world's collective throats; namely, the Copenhagen Climate Conference. Of course, we in the know are aware of something we like to call the ClimateGate Iceberg, or simply, the intercepted/planted email from the climate scientists from East Anglia.

Global Warming is a goddamned LIE, just in case you didn't get the memo.

TAKE OUR SURVEY: Should Gore's Oscar and Nobel prize be taken back?

Guess what? It's also Pearl Harbor Day! I asked someone to tell me what they thought about it...I didn't get an answer. I was hoping to get into a big brouhaha about how they were lied to decades ago about the so-called "surprise attack". Ah, well.

I still can't believe that fucking scumbag Monserrate got PROBATION. Let's go through the scenario again: Hiram heard about the card in her bag; after some heated words, he decides to go get her a glass of water; upon approaching her, he TRIPS and the WHOLE GLASS in his hand CUTS HER FACE.

And the check's in the mail, and that other story...oops!

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