Sunday, December 27, 2009

Updated with Slides - Lord Christopher Monckton Speaking In St. Paul Regarding "Climate Change"

Climate Change = Global Warming = Scumbaggery

Speaking of scumbaggery...I know that my blog does not allow for anonymous comments, that the comments left would be few and far between; but I have noticed a trend here, and at Greg Bacon's blog - a fantastic posting regarding Venezuela. I still fondly remember the 36 hours in April 2002, where the scumbags fell to the will of the people, and barely escaped with their lives...but I digress. What I noticed is that a number of cheesy porn links are embedded behind foreign characters.

Well...I don't know why you idiots are wasting your time. I have a real relationship, and I couldn't give a bloody damn about any stupid links you wish to proffer to my fellow bloggers or to myself. As I said before, I've DVDs still in their shrinkwrap, and maybe before I shuffle off this mortal coil, I'll take 'em for a spin; but let me make it bloody clear: I don't need your help in finding boobies on the internet; and I especially don't need nitwits trying to poison my cache with their sweatshop smut.

Then again...this could be one of the ball-less wonders from CounterKnowledge. Keep screwing around,'ll find yourself back on AOL chats before I'm done with you.

Oh, my stars and garters...look who's back in town - Dominik O. Suter.

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