Wednesday, October 15, 2008

$400 MILLION In Tax Liabilities?!? Is It Even Possible?

Good morning, dear readers...I awoke this morning to an avalanche (fellow neighbors, fear not - nothing is broken!); so I've been awake ever since 3:45 this full moon day.

I tackled the mess, and after enjoying most of Lovedrive by the Scorpions and a little bit of Michael Schenker Group, I turned on 1010WINS, and had gravy and mashed potatoes for breakfast (the hanger steak to be consumed later in the day...), whereupon I heard about this poor bastard owing over $400,000,000 in unpaid taxes.

Did that number not quite compute? Let me spell it out.


The fellow is 26 years of age...he states that he's been working since 18 or so...he computed that he would've have had to earn over $5,000,000,000 to owe such a tax burden...but let's address some side issues here.

First, there's the bloody legality of the tax burden as is. I posit that WE THE PEOPLE were betrayed by quisling elected officials beholden to a foreign power in 1913.

This is the crux of all that has gone wrong with the United States of America.

You really wouldn't take much effort on the part of Those-Supposedly-In-Power to actually make things GOOD for all Americans.

Think about it.

Really think about it.

You see how the servile will bend to their will? What if "their will" were to "SPREAD GOOD CHEER AMONGST YOUR FELLOW MAN"...don't you think that will would be enacted?

Ah...but therein lies the rub.

Those-Supposedly-In-Power are all a bunch of greedy fucking scumbags., we're not all gonna have a good time here in America, while TSIP are living the fallacy that they are running things. And no - I don't agree that they're the best persons for the job, since we aren't all spying on each other, or knifing one another at Starbucks, so their efforts at having us all degenerate into animals have all been for NAUGHT.

The burden of paying taxes does NOT belong to WE THE PEOPLE - this burden belongs to the CORPORATIONS.

The corporations conspired with the bankers and the quisling elected officials and prepared to make slaves of far, the plan has worked in their favor.

How much longer will you play the one-armed bandit?

Just take a look at this document...where does it explicitly state that WE THE PEOPLE must pay taxes?

Go ahead...I'll wait. While you're waiting...peruse this:

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