Thursday, October 23, 2008

Anti-tax author banned from selling his advice

"The Internal Revenue Service and Justice Department have strong civil and criminal enforcement tools available to stop tax defiers who promote fraudulent schemes", Justice Department lawyer Nathan Hochman said in a statement following George's Oct. 14 order.

Emphasis mine in the statement by Justice Dept. lawyer Hochman.

The tax burden does not lawfully reside on WE THE PEOPLE...the burden belongs to corporations.

The corporations and quisling lawmakers colluded to place this burden upon us all, to keep us in a state of slavery that, up until now, has been intangible.

Have any money in a TDA? You now have HALF.

Know anything about the Amero? Plans are afoot to BANKRUPT all Americans with savings in dollars. $800 BILLION in Amero currency was shipped to China.

The know-nothings of the world are still attempting to place blame upon debt-ridden Americans for the current financial collapse
...I added my two cents (wheatbacks!) to the discussion.

Back to the issue of taxation - here's something to consider. If corporations were paying their fair share, they would be actively contributing to the well-being of the United States as a whole, but instead, corporations can, at will, "donate to charity", which is simply a legalized bribe to what efforts they deem worthy of support; understood is the idea that said recipient will be "forever grateful" to the corporation.

Consider this, also...if corporations were paying their taxes, as they should, and our government was as vigilant in their retrieval of said tax burdens as they are with WE THE PEOPLE, they could not exist in the state of collusion that currently exists (do you recall that Halliburton Corp. was relieved of a $500 MILLION tax debt?). Corporations and government would be engaged in a never-ending battle, and WE THE PEOPLE would not be involved in any regard...because we would have extended the prosperity that Americans lived with since 1789, and up until 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was passed during a secret session of Congress; Woodrow Wilson bequeathed to corporations the "rights of a person"; and speaking of fraudulent arguments, the Sixteenth Amendment was passed.

Americans were not taxed before 1913; so since no new laws of taxation were passed, how is it that after 1913, Americans can now be taxed?

Irwin Schiff is providing the information that the IRS will NOT provide; namely, that AMERICANS SHOULD NOT BE PAYING TAXES; TAXES ARE THE RIGHTFUL BURDEN OF CORPORATIONS.

Once again, I must invoke the Titles Of Nobility Amendment, present not only in the Constitution, but also in the Articles of Confederation. The one mistake the founders made was not to account for quislings...individuals who would work to destabilize their own country for payment.

They should have been hung by their genitals.

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