Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Matt Lauer Might Be Brain-Dead

Well, Matt just raised the bar on stupidity (or would it be considered lowering...) - I will now refer to idiots as Matt Lauers.

But seriously...people wake up in the morning, and they're expected to begin their days with this clueless tool?

He's lucky his head doesn't detach from his neck at night.

Sadly...he's not the first moron to do so.

Maybe he should interview Sarah "Flintstones" Palin...then we can all watch as the interview degenerates into Phil Gramm-style soft pornage. Here's a Mother Jones article on Phil "Whiners" Gramm.

R.F.K. Jr. - you should've said that, "My dad says Thane Eugene Cesar killed me, not the Manchurian Candidate Sirhan Bishara Sirhan".

Really...why, if the officers present were NOT involved in the cover-up of the assassination, would they concern themselves with restraining Jamie Scott Enyart, the PHOTOGRAPHER, rather than Sirhan, the "supposed" shooter, or Cesar, the individual who admitted to pulling his .38, the caliber of bullet which murdered the former senator and aspirant for the office of the President Of The United States?

It's pretty bloody clear to me.

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