Friday, October 10, 2008

The Scumbags Know That Their Days Are Numbered...

I highly recommend BradBlog - Brad Friedman is a true patriot, along the lines of a Bev Harris. He is in touch on a number of issues; foremost in my readings is the issue of vote fraud. I've read VoteScam by the Collier brothers, and I've lived the vote scam of the last eight years by the Bush Administration (not to mention the chicanery of the Clinton Administration eight years beforehand...but I'll admit to being a political neophyte for that period).

I ran across a posting at BradBlog in regards to voter's rights, and encountered in the comments to that article a despicable individual who goes by the label of Terminator..."Termy" is an individual of ill breeding who stated that "Crackheads are more prone to vote for Obama."

Imagine that.

"Termy" is working for an MBA.

An MBA, in my personal opinion, is the MOST USELESS DEGREE IN EXISTENCE.

I'll tell you why (reposting from the original rant):

No two businesses are the same, and it takes someone who knows how certain industries are run to make a business flourish.

I've seen too many instances (many in PERSON) where some douchebag with an MBA comes in, changes a bunch of rules (the 1st rule in every idiot manager's handbook is to CHANGE SOME RULES), and then good employees get disgruntled, they quit, and the business GOES TO HELL.

All because some douchebag with an MBA thinks that ANY BUSINESS CAN BE RUN LIKE ANY OTHER BUSINESS.

So...just look in the mirror, pal...and say to yourself,"I'm barely one step on the evolutionary ladder above a crackhead, so maybe I should keep my stupid mouth shut."

I'm going to perform some due diligence on this, but I'm willing to surmise that the creation of the MBA degree coincided with off-shoring of manufacturing jobs in the United States - thus proving my conjecture that the MBA is indeed not only the most useless of degrees, but that it also begat the end of prosperity of WE THE PEOPLE.

Update: I started ranting on this very subject (MBAs) with some YOUNG people, and they began finishing my sentences for me...the very ones you see above.

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