Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Do You Mean, "Songbird" McCain Wasn't Tortured...?

Oh, dear...it appears that someone has taken on my challenge...namely, putting the lie to John "Songbird" McCain's POW experience. Oh, what fun we're having now...I found a link that leads to scads of goodies regarding the walking cadaver. One of the links discusses the circumstances of McCain LEAVING BEHIND fellow POWs.

In a court of law, one lie is enough to have one's entire testimony disregarded...so are going to hear more from our Stenographer Whores on this point?

Oh...I'm SURE that they'll do their jobs and keep Americans apprised of threats to our way of life, through malfeasance and outright lying by our elected officials, right? I mean, Watergate proved what side the "mainstream media" is on, right?

Watergate, as it was reported, was an obfuscation of events that America was told to keep the lid on the true danger occurring...that of the pedophile sex ring and outright prostitution happening daily with our sons and daughters, our wives, our husbands, our loved ones...all being used, abused and discarded...some painfully and fatally, if the rumours regarding Icepick can be verified.

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