Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey...more good news!

From WRH's Letters page - a most reassuring note:

READER: It's been a re-assuring municipal election here in Saint John, NB.

The local paper here is run by a huge company called Irving, who basically (and almost literally) owns the city. They haven't paid proper taxes or water rates for decades, pollute with total impunity, etc. Well most of the mayors running were totally in favour of "special breaks for the great industry" including the current mayor, who literally had a secret private meeting with the Irving head guy and behind his own council's back negotiated a deal that COST the city 125 million in taxes! Naturally the local paper has all but spoon-feeding these candidates to the people, front page articles daily praising their strengths, flat out lies to help them, and reassuring the city readers that THESE are YOUR candidates. Sound familiar?

But there one guy who from day one stood up to these industries and sweetheart deals. He's in favour of industry but FAIR industry practices and deals, and refused to roll over to them in any time as counselor. The papers gave equal time thrashing him and lying constantly about him. His campaign was pure grassroots.

Last night, he WON BY A LANDSLIDE (Ivan Court), to the surprise of literally everyone in the paper and media, who were "shocked" that this "underdog" could win! In his congratulations talk on the radio this morning, he denounced the lies of the paper and asked that they work hard to "restore their integrity" and called them out on their clear bias against non-Irving friendly candidates.

The people have spoken, propaganda failed, and the grassroots candidate won easily!!! This can be reassuring to your readers on a larger scale I hope.

I'll try and find clips for you, but maybe a search on CBC will help you get relevant links to collaborate what I've said about the paper's bias, because they are certainly talking about it on the radio. Naturally the paper has nothing to say this morning...

You see...one person really can make a difference.

Here's a blog I'll need to watch: American Thinker

Can you believe that his thinking about what's BEST for AMERICA is a BAD THING?!? Why is this blog called American Thinker? Let's just be honest and call it for what it is: The Whiny Anti-American.

Read what happened to her:

Wafer Shaker al Daghma was with three of her children when she was MURDERED.

They blew her door off with explosives, and the blast REMOVED MOST OF HER HEAD.

Did her children really need to see that?

You think those kids aren't going to grow up FUCKED IN THE HEAD?


Here's Liar by Henry Rollins:

The Lone Gunmen with commentary by Alex Jones

Fight Club (with revealing info)

Southland Tales

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