Saturday, May 17, 2008

9/11 Coincidences (Part Eight) UPDATE

Oh, looks as if the dam is fit to burst, eh, dear readers?

The scuttlebutt on this video is that it's being removed faster than Jenna Bush's underwear at a frat house (I was gonna say Lindsey Lohan, but I LOVE that girl...and I don't like our scumbag lapdog media trying to portray her in a similar light as our recently-married cum-dumpster...oh...THAT'S gonna leave a mark!); but this should convince even the retarded among us that the three buildings that "failed", "blew up", "came down", whatever bloody euphemism one wishes to use, WERE BROUGHT DOWN BY CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.


In case the video is "Orwellized" as in the Bill O'Reilly Inside Edition Rant, please find it here - 9-11 Coincidences (Part Eight) UPDATE.

From a previous rant:

As far as the does one reconcile the actual physics and chemistry involved? And those are my weakest science subjects!

I wonder if people realize that they paid to hear Rudolph Giuliani lie to them for over six years? Maybe that's why his campaign went into the shitter! Ha ha, scumbag!

You see, for me, it's a matter of these fucking retards lying to my face about what occurred - the whole story is a farce from beginning to end.

Some idiot ex-CIA guy is actually the leader of some rebel force that is so fearsome, they named themselves after a toilet - this guy is also on a dialysis machine, yet is able to elude any and all forces sent to detain him! Wow! Colonel Kurtz's got nothing on this guy!

Now...he informs the Israelis, and they are able to send out a nice.

Meanwhile, back in NYC, it's a crystal-clear day...four planes take off from Logan managed by an Israeli firm...hey...did they get that warning, too?

Willie Brown knows not to fly.

The Senate is on Cipro.

Salman Rushdie is barred from flying.

First plane impacts with WTC2 - The Monkey King states that he saw the first impact as it occurred...imagine that.

There are Israelis doing the frickin' Riverdance all over the city. Some are so excited, they left their businesses in the WTC buildings! Some, days earlier.

White vans with "non-Arab Middle Easterners" pop up like Sir Charge in that not-so-great Whack-A-Octogenarian commercial (the first Sir Charge commercial was genius...but they "jumped the shark" on the concept already). Ooohh...the bomb-sniffing dogs are going wild! Too bad that they had been removed from the WTC complex in the weeks before the infamous "event".

Binyamin Netanyahu realizes, "Hey - this is frickin' great - now the whole damn world will stop criticizing us on our "appropriation" of No, schmuck, I meant Jerusalem!"

Another's our air defense?

Richard B. "Skeletor" Cheney: "Hey...just for laughs, let's have a commercial plane totally violate the air space of the NERVE CENTER OF THE UNITED STATES' DEFENSE DEPARTMENT!!! Then let's hide all of the video! The CT's will be eating their own feces trying to figure out what happened!"

Oh, crap! You mean the frickin' passengers got into the cockpit and saw that NO ONE'S FLYING THE DAMN PLANE?!? Shite! SHOOT THAT FUCKER DOWN! And get Ted Olson's wife to do a reading for have that voice-morphing software ready to go? Let's start with this Mark Bingham guy..."

Hey...bonanza! Not only did we happen to pop the trunk of the guy who took the terrorists to the airport; we got two, count 'em, TWO, passports! Geez, I need a suit made out of this stuff.

Folks...I could rant on and on...but it's annoying, I'm sure, to constantly listen to someone sound so bloody self-righteous all the time, yes? I believe that this is the main problem facing the various September 11th Truth Factions. You see...right-wing radio shows conduct what they call "drive-by" broadcasts, saying whatever crap they can make up at the time, then having sycophants to cement said issue in the "minds" of the dittoheads/Factor fans, etc; while left-wing broadcasters heap boring-ass fact after boring-ass fact onerously one after another, until even the most die-hard truth-seeker is dulled into a coma. case is a bit different than most.


And understand this: anyone who thought that after watching those damned buildings come down in the fashion that they did, that they were felled by really are a complete dullard. You DESERVE to be euthanized, sterilized, and relegated to being a "useless eater", and you should consider yourself a complete waste of oxygen.

That's all for now.

UPDATE: Senator Ted Kennedy is relaxing in a hospital after reports that he was suffering from, I'm watching CNN, and of course, the candidates are taking this opportunity to give their well wishes to their fellow senator...but I was INCENSED to see Shillary STANDING IN FRONT OF MAKER'S MARK WHISKEY BARRELS AS SHE GAVE HER "BEST WISHES"!

One might think that it was a nice thing to do, considering if one knows anything about Senator Edward Kennedy, he likes his booze (much as a certain political upstart does, as well), but I consider it a subconscious dig at her fellow senator. If anyone has a screenshot, please send it my way...I need a new wallpaper for my iBook.

Senator Kennedy, I hope to see you in a new man-tailored shirt soon, er ah...

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