Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks, schmuck!

The image above is of someone who is in the unenviable situation of having to say goodbye to a family member...the second time for the LAST TIME.

That family should receive any and all proceeds from Scott McClellan's "limited hangout" tome, directly implicating the Bush Administration as to LYING TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IN ORDER TO ENGAGE IN A CONFLICT AGAINST A SOVEREIGN NATION.


What are you going to do about it?

What happens when it is YOU in the picture, saying goodbye to your loved ones for the last time?

Update: Even the pardoned Irving "Scooter" Libby is giving up Georgie-Boy like a prison bitch:
Some commentary and videos: thanks to V for Vote Ron Paul *READY*!

We will see the forest for the trees. All of our self-help books would disappear, all of our therapy sessions and pill popping habits will go bye bye. Why? Because the way we live is the cause of our depression..
What are the ONLY things that matter right now?

Gay marriage doesn't matter...racism doesn't matter...Obama or Hilary don't matter...job security doesn't matter...your clothes don't matter....the music you listen to doesn't matter...your grades don't matter...feminism doesn't matter...public education doesn't matter (because we are only teaching kids how to be good employees) fucked up you got last night doesn't matter...none of these things matter..

The global temperature is rising, our landfills are filling rapidly, land is disappearing, resources are dissipating, oil costs are at record high, asthma is on the rise, pollution is rampant, cancer is on the rise, the endangered species list is longer than the death toll in Iraq..need I say more? But hey...who needs all this bad news?

We have to get serious in order to fix the mess we made, or else why have children? So they can clean up our mess? I wanna have fun, but fun that doesn't require watching celebrities fuck up their lives. Fun that doesn't require getting wasted. I want to be able to walk in Yosemite without treading on private or state-owned property. Find more places that are free besides the public library..

Wonder why our favorite national drug is alcohol? Could it be because alcohol makes us so talkative and "fun", so loose and fancy free? Have you been to a party w/o alcohol? We don't know how to talk to each other, in most cases another person might as well be an alien. We are used to our jobs setting the stage for interaction. Fake, surface value conversations. "How are you today?" "Well the truth is, I can't stand it when you ask me that question because you don't really want to know, you are hiding behind civilized etiquette, and your politeness is insulting." Imagine that..

So let's talk solutions. What if we all took Timothy Leary's advice? Turn in, tune it, and drop out? But we did it without all the fucking LSD lol? Revolution is not drugs, stupid hippies. What if we decided to stop participating in corporate fun? What if we made our own fun? What if we threw pies in each other's faces just for the hell of it? What if we stopped being passive observers in the spectacle? What if we stopped paying for fun and experience? Stopped going to bars for our fun?What if we stopped ignoring the truth, because we want to be young and have fun? What if we decided to stop passing the buck to the next generation? What if we started a whole new world? Where no one suffered at the expense of someone else? What if we stopped worshipping celebrities? What if we shrugged our shoulders at Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohen's last shennanigan? What if we stopped caring about what they say we should care about? What if we started being honest? "How are you today?" ""Well I'm depressed, I feel like my life has no meaning." Then we could begin to help each other. What if we stopped taking their pills? Stopped drowning our fear of death and being "ugly" by getting fucked up every weekend? What if we took that extreme leap of faith and trusted each other? What if we began to question the very premises that make our culture operate? What if we stopped caring about name brand clothes? Stopped frequenting their malls for stuff we don't need. What if we just walked away? Then what? Fuck..I'm willing to find out..

Let's take that magic away from money. Let's swipe our cards less and less. Let's grow our own food. Let's make hitchhiking safe again. Let's stop worrying about things that don't matter. Let's stop listening to authority figures that claim that they know what's best for our lives. Let's tell them to fuck off...with a smile =o)..

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