Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Palfrey's Friend On Suicide Note: 'That's Not Her Signature'

Palfrey's Friend On Suicide Note: 'That's Not Her Signature'
Condo manager disputes authenticity of suicide notes, clear contradiction between style of letters

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The manager of an Orlando condo building where Deborah Jean Palfrey, also known as the D.C. Madam, owned a unit disputes the alleged suicide notes that were published in the media - after witnessing examples of her handwriting going back years Joe Strizack concludes, "That is not her signature."

"She could sign her signature a hundred times and it would be identical," Strizack told a local NBC news station. "That is not her signature."

"Strizack looked over the suicide notes, but he questioned if the notes were actually written by Palfrey, and if they were, he thinks they may have been written under duress," according to the report.

Strizack remains convinced that Palfrey's demeanor immediately before she allegedly took her own life betrayed no sign that she was contemplating suicide.

"Monday morning a woman tells you that she’s afraid for her life, she told me several instances where people we following her, and Thursday she’s dead," Strizack said. "What do you think? If someone would put a hit out for her and if someone wanted something done they could do it."

Strizack provided us with copies of Palfrey's handwriting from personal letters and bill payments Palfrey had sent to him (click here for images).

While the overall style is obviously similar to the alleged suicide notes, certain letters and numbers are clearly different.

A comparison between one of Palfrey's notes to Strizack shows a difference, for example, in the number "2" (which is curled in the suicide letter but not in the note) and in letters like "T."

A clear contradiction between the two styles is evident with the letter "N" in the word "Need" - which is of a different structure in the suicide note and flamboyantly curls up in comparison with Palfrey's note to Strizack where the letter is much more understated.

An independent analysis on behalf of a handwriting expert needs to be undertaken in order to ascertain whether the writing belongs to Palfrey, is an outright fraud, or shows evidence of having been written under severe duress whereby Palfrey was forced to write the notes at gunpoint, for example.

As we reported on Monday, the content of Palfrey's alleged suicide notes contradicts both her public statements and the context of her situation following her upcoming prison sentence.

Joe Strizack appeared on The Alex Jones Show yesterday and revealed that Palfrey had told him that her client list went “from the White House on down.” Palfrey told Strizack her clients consisted of “a lot of influential people” from both political parties.

Listen to the full interview below via You Tube:


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