Friday, May 23, 2008

MONSANTO vs. Shmeiser or Stealing America...One Farm at a Time

Monsanto vs Schmeiser - The Classic David vs Goliath Struggle.....

Percy Schmeiser has been fighting the evil corporation Monsanto for over 9 years.

Once again, we have an instance of cross-pollinization, whereupon Monsanto deems YOUR crops THEIRS, by dint of having DNA from their plants mixed in with regular, non-GM/GE crops from local farmers' farms. They have succeeded in appropriating said crops from farmers, using their impressive legal teams to deal decisive victories against individuals whose only crime was letting nature take its course.

Not Percy Schmeiser.

I believe that there is a way to determine that his plants are NOT derived from MONSANTO-maligned seeds; rather, if he would be willing to have his crops examined, a pattern of cross-pollinization could be established. Please refer to my earlier posting [MONSANTO Must Go!] and watch the movie within the posting. As a scientist, it was clear to me that the DNA manipulators have no control whatsoever of where the changes in their GM/GE plants' DNA will occur. MONSANTO plants grow directly from their seeds should exhibit different characteristics than cross-pollinated plants. With this information, Percy Schmeiser should be able to establish the true business model of MONSANTO, which in my opinion, is to REPLACE ALL NATURAL CROPS WITH THEIR OWN, AND ASSUME CONTROL OF THE MOST ESSENTIAL RESOURCE ON THE PLANET - OUR FOOD.

Update: It looks as if MONSANTO is trying to "Orwellize" this story - go to this link and see the video that they removed from the internet.

Also, Greenpeace has been covering the story.

Another important fact to consider: GM/GE seeds do not produce the same crop yield as naturally-occurring crops.

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