Tuesday, May 27, 2008

September 11th - Cover For A COUP D'ETAT?

Well...despite the fact that I pontificate on a number of subjects, the main focus of this page is outlining the changes to our society, our environment and our way of life since the coming and going of the storied event in question. Understand this, dear readers: EVERYTHING HAS A REASON. I was speaking to some buds of mine over the weekend and we were discussing the idea of COINCIDENCES.

There really is no such thing.

Everything that happens, happens because some inducement was made; whether naturally, or by dint of some other action, things occur because they were induced to occur.

So...in reading this piece from OP-ED News, 9/11: Cover-up for a Coup D'Etat, I wish to caution those who see the erosion of many of our civil liberties as a COINCIDENCE, to pull your heads out of the sandbox they're playing in and join the rest of us thinking, breathing, LIVING human beings and STAND UP FOR THE RIGHTS GUARANTEED BY OUR FOREFATHERS.

Let's bring up an interesting point here, now that people are all aghast from Shillary's comments on Friday...I'd really like some discussion of this:

Black people were being hosed down like dirty sidewalks for years...and then, all of a sudden, someone shoots Martin Luther King, Jr., and his "killer" is given a 99-year sentence.

Can I be the ONLY INDIVIDUAL who finds this to be...WEIRD?!?

"Niggers" were hanging like pinatas all over the South...and no one really batted an eye...so what made this particular "nigger" so different?

I'm using that vulgarity to illustrate my earlier point: do you think that it was a COINCIDENCE that in the years of outrage against Black men, this one was actually afforded some modicum of "justice"? Why did he rate?

This was an obfuscation - in 1999, it was proven that a REAL CONSPIRACY existed in the murder of MLK, so his murder just HAPPENED to correspond with the first-ever (to my knowledge - please update me, if you've any info) conviction of a non-Black individual in the murder of a Black man.

I hope you get my point.

Now...back to Shillary...I was listening to Bill O'Reilly today, and amazingly, he was holding Shillary's feet to the fire over her commentary; in fact, he took it a step further and played a news clip I've not heard elsewhere. He had played a clip from Ray Larson, Grand Dragon of the KKK, where he practically guarantees that a "Southerner" will assassinate Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, should he gain the nomination.

Considering how there was a "security lapse" during one of his campaign rallies, where agents were instructed to "stop their search for guns" should be cause for concern...

...or do you think that was a COINCIDENCE?

I'm sure it was a COINCIDENCE that Deborah Jeane Palfrey "committed suicide" when she had everything to live for, and not once had exhibited any such ideas about ending her life prematurely...

By the way...I sent a note to Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy:

Good evening, Senator Kennedy - I am pulling for you to recover. In doing so, I wish to caution you not to opt for the chemo/radiation treatment, as it will only be a VERY short-term solution, and in the long run, will affect your body in unforeseen ways. You should instead opt for an alternative, proven treatment - please read the information at the link below:

Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in '74

I was sickened at what happened to your family, and even more incensed by the "comment" by Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. Unfortunately, I do NOT believe that they were just an "unfortunate set of words"; rather, she is calling for the idiots that inhabit our great country to openly assassinate a candidate for President, simply because she was not "given" the nomination.

She doesn't deserve it.

The mere fact that her campaign is $30 MILLION DOLLARS in the hole is irrefutable proof that she is not fit to manage the finances of our great nation...and I'm sure that you agree.

Once again, I hope that you opt for the solution that actually works, and will have you back in the Senate doing what you do best: enacting the will of the People.

My wishes are with you.

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