Sunday, June 8, 2008

Breaking News: Alex Jones' family targeted/harrassed

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A Bilderberg goon shadowing Alex Jones and crew shows his contempt for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

In a shocking development on the final day of the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, InfoWars has learned that &;security&; goons attached to the globalist cabal have engaged in a disgusting form of psychological warfare against Alex Jones; family. As Jones prepared to fly out of Virginia on his way home to Austin, Texas, he called his wife and immediately after this call an unidentified woman, using a private number untraceable by called ID, called Alex's wife and stated that she was pregnant with his child.

As Alex notes, this precisely timed call, falling on the heels of a call to his wife, is evidence enough that the government is listening to his personal telephone conversations and has done so the entire time he was present in Virginia confronting the Bilderberg clan.. As Prison Planet noted here previously, the entire time Alex and the Infowars team was present in Chantilly confronting the Bilderbergers and documenting the events, the government engaged in dirty tricks in addition to monitoring, following, and photographing them. The &;security&; goons engaged in this behavior are obviously military and attached to special operations, as Alex notes their stature is of a military nature.

Another goon

This man, identified as a U.S. State Dept. Bureau of Diplomatic Security agent, didn't take kindly to having his photo taken.

In addition to monitoring Jones and his media entourage, on several occasions government agents attempted to provocateur Alex into committing illegal and violent acts, in particular against the State Department. On all occasions, Alex informed the agents and operatives that he is non-violent and engaged in activity guaranteed under the First Amendment of the Constitution..

These events are harrowingly reminiscent of the illegal and immoral behavior committed by the government under the FBI's COINTELPRO in the 1960s and early 70s. However, the difference today is the fact the government has sophisticated technology at its disposal, including the ability to electronically hijack cell phones, turn these devices on or off at will, and engage in non-stop surveillance and other forms of digital trickery.

Bilderberg goon
Three suits of unknown identity.

Bilderberg staff? Marriott staff? Fairfax County Police? Feds?..

We Are Change activist Luke Rudkowski, also present to oppose the Bilderberg criminals in Virginia, reports similar dirty tricks.

Rudkowski, writing on the We Are Change website this afternoon, indicates that he has also received similar harassing calls within the last year, especially when I was most effective. My significant other also received a phone call from a private number stating the similar situation with never a follow up proving it’s a fact.

Obviously, the government is engaging in this shameless behavior because Jones, Rudkowski, and other activists are effectively resisting tyranny and revealing the crimes of the elite as they move to turn the planet into a high-tech gulag and corporate slave plantation. In the weeks and months ahead, we should expect more of this behavior, as the elite, dispatching their military operatives and special psychological warfare teams, will not rest until they have destroyed every last vestige of liberty.


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