Monday, June 23, 2008

Six nuclear missiles on B-52 bombers, Minot to Barksdale

Six nuclear missiles on B-52 bombers, Minot to Barksdale

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Why Fallon's Resignation is Frightening

A Warmongering War President Catapulting the Propaganda
God Help Us All If We Don't Impeach Him Fast

"The capital's top neocons" insisted "the decision had been made." They informed him that all the Bush Administration talk about the UN was nothing more than "the obligatory charade we had to go through for world public opinion."
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Iran War, Real Fear Petraeus Beating War Drums for Attack

A nightmare is brewing within our own government involving a former Israeli military officer Lani Kass working with Brigadier-General Lawrence Stutzriem, it is called "Project CHECKMATE." This madness puts us all at risk, another illegal war could create ten times more horrors than we have seen so far.

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