Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Michelle Obama and Louis Farrakhan’s Wife Together in Photo - How Terrible!

From JET Magazine, a powerful Chicago-based publication, July 26, 2004

ALSO OF NOTE: Fruit of Islam guards would be present to protect Khadijah Farrakhan.

Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Holds 33rd Annual Conference In Chicago

CAPTION: Picture 11, Rev. Willie T. Barrow, chairman emerita, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, enjoys the Women’s Luncheon with Michelle Obama, wife of U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama of Illinois and executive director of community affairs, University of Chicago Hospital, Shoshana Johnson, the nation’s first Black female POW and former Iraqi captive, and Mrs. Jamell Meeks, wife of the Rev. James Meeks, vice president, Rainbow/PUSH, and Rev. Dr. Barbara King, Mother Khadijah Farrakhan, wife of Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan, and Judge Arnette Hubbard.;

So...this is the October Surprise that Killary has?

You are a PIG.

Let's play the picture-association game:

The Clintons with Tony Rezko:

Oh...that's not fair, is it? Why, that's just a White House photo-op...it couldn't POSSIBLY have anything to do with business dealings, could it...?

I've got one better than picture associations...dear readers, I present to you the Clinton Death List:

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