Monday, June 30, 2008

Peter Schiff vs. some frickin' tool!

In other news..."Songbird" McCain prevaricates once again!

An excerpt from Alex Jones' 9/11: Rise Of The Police State

An analogy for America the Beautiful!

We are numerous; the scumbags are NOT.

They are predators; we are not necessarily...but we don't NEED to be. We just have to use what we have, and we need to STAND TOGETHER against the scumbags who are attempting to send our great country into despair.

How can you watch this video...and still sit there on your couch, watching stupid HD television, brought to you by the same pieces of mierda who obfuscated all of the news that you required to make an INFORMED DECISION about the state of our LIVES.

Are you going to be shown up by a herd of WATER BUFFALO?

It's up to YOU.

There are no superheroes to come to our rescue...YOU MUST TAKE ACCOUNT.

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Thanks for coming by over at mine, I love your profile write-up.