Monday, June 23, 2008

Place Dominik Suter in CUSTODY! He can answer the lingering questions of September 11th, 2001!

There has been a case filed against Urban Moving Systems and its owner, Dominik Suter.

Are any of you, dear readers, aware that Urban Moving Systems received nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in a lump-sum federal assistance grant?!?

Someone grab that scumbags's passport before he disappears once again to Israel.

Remember these fine fellows?

They were employees of Urban Moving Systems.

"September 11, 2001, five Israeli men deliberately dressed in Arabic clothing were caught celebrating the attacks. After being caught by the police, the Israelis claimed it was their job to be there (in advance from Israel) to quote "document the event" unquote.

They even went on to say the same thing that Benjamin Netanyahu would repeat four years later on 07/07/05 after the London bombings-- that the attacks on America and London, were "good" because "It generates sympathy for Israel

Remember that ALL air traffic was restricted for AMERICANS? Well, ol' Dom was able to ESCAPE TO ISRAEL! How was that possible?!? Was he on the same plane as the bin Laden families?!? [Blogger's note: Wouldn't THAT be a kick in the tuchis to America?!?]

Understand this: if Dominik Suter is allowed ONCE AGAIN to flee the United States without answering questions in regards to his role in the events of September 11th, 2001, the individuals who aid in his ESCAPE are committing TREASON.

Read this document on Scribd: Rebuilding Americas Defenses - PNAC

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