Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let's see if Michael Reagan is thrown off the air as quickly as Montel Williams...

Hmmmm...Montel Williams was removed because of an appearance on Fox and Friends, where he bemoaned the constant announcements regarding Heath Ledger's death, while ignoring his "brothers" in the armed forces being KILLED DAILY, with nary a mention from the star-blinded "mainstream" press.

Michael Reagan called for the OUTRIGHT ASSASSINATION of Mark Dice...he even stated, "I'll pay for the bullet."

Errant thought...anyone think that Sam Israel really committed "suicide"? I think that Wikipedia should research or document the curious aspects of his "disappearance" body, no death.

If the authorities in charge of monitoring him allowed him to retain his passport, they should be arrested as accomplices to his getaway.

No fricking way he committed "suicide".

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