Thursday, June 26, 2008

Utah GOP Congressmen SACKED! in Primary Election

Utah GOP Congressmen SACKED! in Primary Election [Voters reject open borders]

International PoliticsFriendsOfLiberty,

We have some great news to report from the battle front!

Notorious amnesty supporter and Open Borders fanatic, Chris Cannon has been ousted from Congress.

Our movement has been after him for the last four years because of his support for the Bush/McCain/Kennedy Amnesty legislation. Today is a good day.

Chris Cannon lost his race in the GOP Primary last night, after facing a challenger with prior political experience.

Mr. Jason Chaffetz criticized Chris Cannon on spending, energy, and most importantly immigration. Chaffetz made a strong comparison of his immigration stances compared to Cannon and criticized Cannon for supporting In-State Tuition for illegal aliens. It is also important to note that awareness on this issue has climbed rapidly in Utah this year, since the state legislature passed strong laws to crack down on illegal immigration.

Chaffetz beat Cannon 60% to 40%, which is considered a landslide!

While the candidate who spends the most wins the race over 94% of the time, Chaffetz was outspent by Cannon 7 to 1!

Cannon tried to cling to Bush because Bush's ratings have remained stronger in Utah than most of the rest of the nation, but over 80% of the people polled feel America is on the wrong track.

Chaffetz has stated he wants illegal aliens deported, the borders secured, and our existing immigration laws enforced. While Cannon supports a "guest worker program" for illegals inside America, Chaffetz wants to stop illegal aliens from exploiting birthright citizenship.

Chris Cannon was a 7 term incumbent and this is only the second time in thirty years that Utah voters have dumped an incumbent GOP Congressman!

Today our side has won an important victory and the ivory towers in Washington are buzzing with the news that one of their Globalist pawns in Utah has fallen.

The ironic part is that Chris Cannon's next job is supposed to be traveling the country to help Republicans win elections. From the spanking Cannon just received, it would be better if they sent Jason Chaffetz out to advise GOP candidates instead.

We would like to congratulate Jason and we hope that his victory will be a trend setter. We hope to see an unprecedented sweep of incumbents out of office in 2008, while those aligned with the public on immigration prevail.

Best Wishes,

Tony Dolz

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