Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Dedication to Emmanuel Stein

Emmanuel Stein is a good friend of mine. We attended the same high school, and we have two special bonding moments, none of which I will discuss here...but suffice it to say that they could be described as our own mini-Bohemian Grove moment.

Heh, heh...chew on that for a while...!

I had mentioned earlier in this blog that Emmanuel was inadvertently responsible for my political awakening. I wish to now clarify that statement; he was the catalyst for my political awakening.

I don't suffer from the "slave mentality"; in other words, I owe NO ONE anything, I owe my intelligence to myself, and no one else. I, of course, was ably assisted in my endeavors by a handful of educators who encouraged me to look beyond the horizons I had chosen to seek out; and their input was invaluable to me in my formative years.

I would also like to thank the idiots who, in their stupidity, let the cat out of the bag and allowed it to run loose and scratch and howl, not realizing that I heeded EVERY WORD, denigrating or not. Learning is about dealing with the bad things in the world, as well as the good. One needs valleys to appreciate plateaus and mountains, and my life has been a fair mix of them.

I would like to thank all of my friends, my classmates, and my acquaintances for the kindnesses and love that they have shown - let us all show the world that the GREAT SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH, not the mass of nitwits who value coin over souls.

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