Sunday, September 28, 2008

Massachusetts Proposal Would Repeal Income Tax

Great headline - Massachusetts Proposal Would Repeal Income Tax.

Let's get into it...many of the opponents begin with the usual caveats..."oh, we would have to cut services to the elderly and for the poor...", or, "school funding will be disrupted" which I say, not if the CORPORATIONS do their bloody job!

The so-called "income tax" that you and I have been paying was not our burden...this tax was rightfully the burden of corporations.

But in 1913, something wicked 1913, treasonous legislators went behind the backs of Americans for their thirty pieces of silver, and passed the Federal Reserve Act, the treasonous 16th Amendment, and Woodrow Wilson gave corporations the rights of a "person".

The Federal Reserve Act was the third iteration of a central banking system; the first two were run out of town by Americans - from 1787 to 1913, the United States of America knew unbounded prosperity.

That all changed with the advent of the Federal Reserve.

In 1934, Major Smedley Darlington Butler caught wind of a plan to take over the United States; he turned on those treasonous scumbags and saved America.

Do we not make patriots of that stripe anymore?

The 16th Amendment did NOT provide for any new laws of taxation to the, if the government was NOT able to tax individuals before 1913, why were they then able to tax individuals AFTER 1913?

One word - COLLUSION.

The bankers colluded with the corporate heads and lawyers to remove the tax burden from their shoulders, and then to place that burden upon WE THE PEOPLE.

One thing that would have forestalled this was the Original 13th Amendment, also referred to as the Titles Of Nobility Amendment.

The gist of this amendment is that no one with loyalties other than to the United States of America would be allowed to take employment within the United States Government.

Pretty sound idea, yes?

Obviously, the scumbags who wished to ruin our way of life didn't think so...and so the 13th Amendment was replaced in 1860...though there are researches that state that the original 13th Amendment was ratified, and this would therefore nullify the current 13th Amendment, which, if you read carefully, relegates WE THE PEOPLE to being SERVANTS of our elected officials.

If you don't believe this information, ask yourselves:

Why do our elected officials have FULL HEALTH CARE?

Why are practically all of our elected officials MILLIONAIRES?

Why would one need to contact their elected officials to notify them of the job they were elected to perform? When you shook their hands on the street as they pandered for your vote, you expressed your desires to them...did they WRITE THEM DOWN? Why would you believe that after speaking to hundreds of people a day, that they will remember ANYTHING you said? Hand them a note, or a flyer, make sure that they put it in their coat, or their briefcase, and ask that those issues be addressed...or they can look forward to your vote going to their opponents next election cycle.

There are many more questions that one can come upon, but the point here is...THEY LIVE...WE SLEEP.


I was listening to Earl Caldwell on Friday's Caldwell Chronicle - he had a number of guest speakers on the show, and one of the topics discussed was that of the financial status of Americans. According to the information presented, the average American's standard of living stagnated at 1970, then began to reverse. Employers were able to get more out of employees, without having to increase compensation.

Of course...this does not account for outrageous golden parachutes offered to corporate heads...wouldn't you love a gig that provided you thirteen billion dollars after three weeks?'s true

I can go on all day...but you get the point. Once this is realized, some action can be taken; until then - ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO THEM.

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