Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Is A Financial Derivative?

It seems that the evil derivative is one of the main causes of our current financial woes.

As you can see by clicking the link above, derivatives make money out of NOTHING. Derivatives produce NOTHING. Derivatives should have the tax burden upon them, not wages...yet, this is what we have.

How did this happen? Someone thought that it was okay to let the foxes run the henhouse...touting their "free market" mantra...but that turned out to be a fantasy - GAMING THE SYSTEM is the rule of law in finance, apparently.

Farmers should be the richest people in America...yet, the Forbes 400 is indunated with slackers, tools and assholes.

Notice, also, how it is that WE THE PEOPLE must be shouldered with this burden, when we were never allowed to share in its profits?

And imagine that some companies wished to continue with foreclosures? Scumbags.

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