Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Denver Explodes; Will Sarah Palin Be The Albatross Around The Neck Of The RNC?

Read this post at George Washington's Blog: Provocation at Protests Is A Type of False Flag Terror - agents provocateurs are behind the attempted demonization of peaceful protests.

Protesting against perceived injustices is part of our First Amendment right; and one of the reasons that the United States is not part of England.

And let's get a pic of the nominee for Vice-President Sarah Palin:

Maron! Dat's a' one a' spicy tomato!

But seriously, folks...she'd better not tear up her resume - read here in the Wall Street Journal:

The news came as little-known Gov. Palin and her family are undergoing their first heavy scrutiny from the national press. The pick has galvanized the party’s previously lackluster religious base, and jump-started Internet fund raising. But Sen. McCain also is drawing criticism, including from some Republicans, for choosing a politician with no national experience, and some Republicans are worried the choice could backfire. – Doug Cameron

Meanwhile, Ol'"Songbird" can't even remember his VP's name!

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