Monday, September 15, 2008

The Ruination Of Milk - by Jenny Lake; Financial Institutions Going Belly-Up In NYC?

Lehman Bros. bit the big one today - the market dropped in excess of 500 points! Merrill Lynch may or may not be bought out by Bank Of America...actually, news is that the buyout went the cost of 20,000 jobs.

Did we hear earlier at the end of the summer that 75,000 "non-farm" jobs were lost?

Did you get that? "Non-farm" jobs? In other words, jobs where no one produces anything.

The United States Of America needs to reintroduce MANUFACTURING as a means of making money. I did a gig at a well-known financial company, and it's all of the "wash mine, I'll wash yours" school of business.

When you do your own laundry, you soon see how you're paying through the nose for nothing being gained.

Went to visit Daryl Bradford Smith's site today...haven't gone by in a while...and look what I found: The Ruination Of Milk - by Jenny Lake

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