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Rogue Israeli Mossad-British Team Behind French Students Assassination

Rogue Israeli Mossad-British Team Behind French Students Assassination

Laurent Bonomo, left, and Gabriel Ferez, right, students who were
two French Intelligence officers, were brutally stabbed to death
in a London flat that was then set on fire Photo: AP

It can now be reported that the murders of two French bio-chemical students, Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, were carried out by Bush-Clinton "TRUE COLORS" rogue Israeli Mossad-British Intelligence assassination teams.

Both French students, Bonomo and Ferez, were studying at the prestigious London Imperial College researching the origins of bird flu and the link to the alleged vaccines.

BANBURY, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 04: Men in protective body suits enter a chicken shed on a farm that has seen an outbreak of the H7 strain of bird flu, near Banbury on June 4 2008 in Oxfordshire, England . The strain of avian flu virus was found yesterday in laying hens, and all birds on the farm have been ordered to be destroyed. The H7 strain has been found in Britain on several occasions before, but this is the first time it has been identified in the highly pathogenic, or deadly, form. Getty Images

Getty Images

The murders of the two students was first released by France's Directorate for Internal Security, not by Britain's Scotland Yard, making it almost a certainty that the two students were French Intelligence officers.

Reference: A joint French-U.S. Intelligence anti-terrorist task force in Paris, France, headed by former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former head of French Intelligence Jean Crouté, for years have monitored the activity of the out-of-control Bush-Clinton "TRUE COLORS" mercenary armies.

The patriotic American-French team has prevented various scripted terrorist attacks, i.e. false flags, on both the United States and Europe, with the planning of the attacks actually originating inside the compromised intelligence agencies of the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and Germany.
The two French students, i.e. Intelligence Officers, had discovered that the alleged bird flu vaccine, H-7, which was designed to neutralize and stop the H5N1 avian flu virus, had been spliced using DNA to actually create a vaccine and a virus at the same time.The French students had also discovered that the bird flu vaccine, i.e. a virus, had links to both U.S., British and Israeli laboratories with the noted post 9/11 anthrax MOSSAD agent Dr. Philip M. Zackerie as a subject of interest.

Israeli ZIONIST, microbiologist Zackerie, known as Dr. Zack, not only worked for the U.S. bio-weapons lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, where he was photographed handling the stain of anthrax used in the post 9/11 attack, but was a consultant at the Boulder, Colorado FBI Division 5 linked company Gilead Sciences Inc.

Gilead Sciences of Boulder, Colorado has been linked to the 9/11 anthrax strain and to the bird flu vaccine.

And, if that is not bad enough folks, listen to this.

Almost 50% of the Gilead Sciences Inc. stock is owned by former U.S. Secretary of Defense and 9/11 co-conspirator Donald Rumsfeld, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Cindy McCain, wife of presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, and none other than FBI Division 5 William Morris Agency and NBC anchor face, Tom Brokaw.

Brokaw has replaced the late Tim Russert as host of NBC's alleged interview show "Meet the Press".

Retired Republican Senator William Frist of Tennessee has major investments in the bird flu vaccine, i.e. virus.
These French Intelligence officers, who worked for both Colin Powell and Jean Crouté, were about to expose a plot by the Bush-Clinton "TRUE COLORS" intelligence rogues to use the H-7 flu vaccine, i.e. virus, as a way to poison the American People and create a flu pandemic, which would lead to a national emergency and give the outlaw Bush Administration an excuse to declare MARTIAL LAW and exercise emergency control over the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve.

This financial control would allow the outlaw Bush Administration the ability to block the G-7 ordered implementation of the noted Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols, which are designed to return BILLIONS OF DOLLARS back to the U.S., French and Chinese Treasuries.

The two French students, who had their apartment broken into one week before their brutal assassination, also had their lap top computer stolen and their apartment fire bombed.

The operation has been traced to a team of ten (10) Israeli MOSSAD and British MI5 agents.

The individual currently under arrest in the United Kingdom is a witness to the murders whose life is in jeopardy at this time given he has been taken into custody by the Bush-Clinton "TRUE COLORS" compromised Scotland Yard.
The two French students, along with former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former head of French Intelligence Jean Crouté, were also in possession of a SECRET U.S. government "Death List", which targets various outspoken political opponents of the American ruling junta.

It is conceivable that these outspoken political opponents would become recipients of the bird flu vaccine aka virus after their incarceration at various concentration camps under MARTIAL LAW conditions.

These concentration camps are SECRETLY headquartered in Yuma, Arizona.

Former Republican Senator William Frist of Tennessee was given a copy of this "Death List".

P. S. The assassination of the French Intelligence Officers happened to coincide just after the recent meetings that took place in Northern Ireland between White House resident George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and current British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.The two murders also coincide with the recent assassination attempt in Israel targeting French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

It should be noted that the alleged suicide victim, who allegedly shot himself during the departure of Sarkozy from the Tel Aviv airport was an Arab patsy-to-be before the assassination attempt was foiled.

Sarkozy was also aware of the bird flu TREASON and the plans to use it against France as well as the Israeli MOSSAD hacking of French INTERPOL internet portals using the American NSA and a headquarters in Amsterdam, Holland.

The NSA-MOSSAD spy nest in Amsterdam has also been used to disrupt and hack all U.S. computers and email communications originating in the United States.

So, in other words folks, if you are a patriotic whistleblower receiving communications from overseas sources about internal government-sponsored terrorist activities on your own soil, i.e. U.S. soil, YOU, the patriotic whistleblower, are subjected to being spied on by your own government, i.e. the REAL terrorists.

Source:Tom Heneghan,July 6,2008.
Right will prevail.

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