Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thermal Expansion - Can It Really Be This Simple?

The only thing simple about this is your brain...if you believe this nonsense...

The only letters Dr. Shyam "Shame" Sunder should have after his name are E, I, E, I, and O.

Had to add this:


You mean...that's not what really occurred?

I'm so Commander-In-Chief was so manly that day...protecting those Black kids in the classroom while he read with them. Those cowardly Ay-Rabs tried to kill his daddy, and so we are at war with ALL of Islam - you go, Dubya!

Our bestest friends in Israel, our 51st state, tried to warn us, but we didn't listen hard enough...and now we know their pain. Let's give up all of our rights so that we can beat the terr'rists.

Benny Netannyahu was right - it was good for Israel...I mean, all of those poor Zionists being terr'rized by all them bad ol' Muslims...let's fight their war for 'em so that they can be free to build more settlements!

Can't we go fight 'em over there, so we can be free to suck down large Budweisers and weld our cellulite-ridden asses to the sofa just in time fer football season?

What could be more patriotic than killing some sand-niggers?

We're actually getting along with the reg'lar ones, now.

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