Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - Must Reading!

I decided to put down Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes for the moment; I had just finished Dedication.

Good stuff - I guess gargling choda can be good for you...wait'll I tell the girlfriend...!

What I picked up in its place was my copy of Greg Palast's The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (the revised American Edition).

Here's a throwaway idea to all future authors of the Truth Movement - add a coupon for a free beer redeemable ANYWHERE!

I guarantee your book will be at the head of the New York Times' Best Sellers' list in no time flat - may even surf along the Top Ten for awhile...but I digress.

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy is an excellent book - I read it from cover to cover upon its purchase. I, having recently just moved, found the book among a number of items I had stored, and I placed it aside for such a moment. And so, it rides with me today.

So, I'm reading through the first chapter, JIM CROW In Cyberspace, and my train approaches Wall Street. A "gentleman" and his toady board the train, and stand in the doorway next to my seat - sporting a copy of The Economist.

Oh, dear.

The "gentleman", upon seeing me read this book, decided that he would "ride" the pole to which my seat was attached. I've not seen anyone in a suit so comfortable with his cheeks akimbo as he was, but I guess it takes all kinds. Actually, after viewing Alex Jones' Inside Bohemian Grove, it's not so hard to contemplate such goings-on with the "respectable" members of society. If you'll remember, David Gergen blew a bloody gasket when Alex interviewed him post-BG - he accused him of masquerading as a "gentleman".

Now I know why my buddy Josh, when I regaled him as a "Southern gentleman", stated, "I may be Southern, but I'm no gentleman." Ah...but once again, I digress...

It was so hard not to rib this fellow in regards to the economy and his role in destabilizing said economy. Instead, I located a humorous quip in the book and chuckled mildly.

He departed a few stops later, with his sycophantic toady, ready to retire to take on the task of destroying America, one transaction at a time.

I kept reading - I'm almost done with the first chapter, and I plan to tell anyone who asks everything I can about the book, and the ramifications of Americans non-actions against the real ills of our society - APATHY, INDIFFERENCE and NON-BELIEF. And in re-reading it, one can now gauge how accurate Greg's writing is, ain regards to the liberties our current administration is is taking with our inalienable rights.

Let's see...what in the news today?

NIST's further bungling of what actually occurred during the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building, also known as WTC 7 - appaling.

The smear on Alex Jones' supposedly screaming, "Kill Michelle Malkin" has been DEBUNKED! Amazingly, calling for Mark Dice's death by shooting merits no outrage within the Distraction Media.

The S.S. Liberty enters Gaza unmolested! Maybe we can get an honest investigation into what occurred during the Six-Day War...one can only hope.

News flash: John "Songbird" McCain has TEN mansions!!!

(To be continued...unless I get eternal Cranky-ASS from writing about these scumbags)

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