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NeoCON Disasters (provided by Travis Kelly)


Just a word or two before we get to the piece in question - this was provided to me by Travis Kelly, with comments from me to follow.

Dear readers...can you see just how STUPID all of this has been?
Why are you still buying newspapers?
Why are you still watching television?

Why are you supporting scumbags and enablers of evil who have NO REGARD AT ALL FOR YOUR WELL-BEING?

I'm not saying that you should go kick in your TV sets...that plasma may be carrying trace elements that could harm you...I haven't the slightest bloody idea...but DON'T watch the "news"'s utter SHITE.

What really made me nuts about this whole debacle was...I inquired as to who began the conflict...and 100% of non-internet information procurers stated that RUSSIA ATTACKED GEORGIA!!!


I will NEVER BUY a single rag that these scumbags put out. If I had pets, they would refuse to defecate upon it.

Okay...enough of that...I'm sure you get the point.

In response to the Russian actions in Georgia, President Chimpy actually promised "humanitarian aide" delivered by the U.S. military, before Defense Secretary Gates -- a sane man -- nixed any such actions. Then Dubya mustered the shameless audacity to say this:

"Bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st Century. Only Russia can decide whether it will now put itself back on the path of responsible nations or continue to pursue a policy that promises only confrontation and isolation."

In this editorial, "Will American insouciance destroy the world?", Paul Craig Roberts cites Pravda's response (below), and concludes that the neoCONs are leading the world toward nuclear war:

The US is not a superpower. It is a bankrupt farce run by imbeciles who were installed by stolen elections arranged by Karl Rove and Diebold. It is a laughing stock, that ignorantly affronts and attempts to bully an enormous country equipped with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons.

A population that tolerates the insane Bush Regime and its criminal neocon operatives has no claims to life on earth.

Pravda's response to Bush's statement:

“President Bush,

Why don’t you shut up? In your statement on Monday regarding the legitimate actions of the Russian Federation in Georgia, you failed to mention the war crimes perpetrated by Georgian military forces, which American advisors support, against Russian and Ossetian civilians

“President Bush,

Why don’t you shut up? Your faithful ally, Mikhail Saakashvili, was announcing a ceasefire deal while his troops, with your advisors, were massing on Ossetia’s border, which they crossed under cover of night and destroyed Tskhinvali, targeting civilian structures just like your forces did in Iraq.

“President Bush,

Why don’t you shut up? Your American transport aircraft gave a ride home to thousands of Georgian soldiers from Iraq directly into the combat zone.

“President Bush,

Why don’t you shut up? How do you account for the fact that among the Georgian soldiers fleeing the fighting yesterday you could clearly hear officers using American English giving orders to “Get back inside” and how do you account for the fact that there are reports of American soldiers among the Georgian casualties?

“President Bush,

Why don’t you shut up? Do you really think anyone gives any importance whatsoever to your words after 8 years of your criminal and murderous regime and policies? Do you really believe you have any moral ground whatsoever and do you really imagine there is a single human being anywhere on this planet who does not stick up his middle finger every time you appear on a TV screen?

Do you really believe you have the right to give any opinion or advice after Abu Ghraib? After Guantanamo? After the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens? After the torture by CIA operatives?

Do you really believe you have any right to make a statement on any point of international law after your trumped-up charges against Iraq and the subsequent criminal invasion?

“President Bush,

Why don’t you shut up? Suppose Russia for instance declares that Georgia has weapons of mass destruction? And that Russia knows where these WMD are, namely in Tblisi and Poti and north, south, east and west of there? And that it must be true because there is “magnificent foreign intelligence” such as satellite photos of milk powder factories and baby cereals producing chemical weapons and which are currently being “driven around the country in vehicles”? Suppose Russia declares for instance that “Saakashvili stiffed the world” and it is “time for regime change”?

Nice and simple, isn’t it, President Bush?

“So, why don’t you shut up? Oh and by the way, send some more of your military advisors to Georgia, they are doing a sterling job. And they look all funny down the night sight, all green.”

What else need be said?

The notion of the United States of America has been lost under the machinations of the scumbag globalists and their enablers and toadies who wish to create a North American Union. Our dollar reached parity with the Canadian dollar; the fix is on next to achieve parity with the Mexican peso.

In other words: the globalists intend for the United States of America to become ONE HUGE FUCKING MEXICO.

If you haven't a problem with this...then just sit back, and suck down that Budweiser, and eat your chips...just get ready to pucker up...and you better have lube ready, because these fuckers like to go balls deep.

If, on the other hand, you would rather DIE ON YOUR FEET rather than live on your knees...think about enlightening your friends and neighbors...brainstorm upon possible solutions...and then ENACT THEM.



Found an additional article for your's titled "Putin's Winning Hand".



If This Whole Thing Is True Look Out For Something To Shake Loose Tomorrow In Georgia!!

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline: Overview and Fact Sheet - August 2002

EXCERPT (Aug 2002 Document):
The politics surrounding the Caspian region are extremely complex. In simple terms, there has been a tremendous amount of jockeying for control of the resources of the region for years. Currently, Russia dominates transit of Caspian Sea oil and gas. Russia was initially excluded from in the Baku-Ceyhan process.

Not surprisingly, it previously opposed the project. However, a period of d├ętente has occurred between the U.S. and Russia over the past year and a half with respect to the Caspian region. It is now expected that Moscow will extend its blessing for the pipeline, which will open the doors for Russian oil companies to invest in this project or future projects.

The Bush Administration recently announced it is planning to deploy U.S. troops to train and equip the Georgian military to fight “a growing terrorist threat” in the remote Pankisi Gorge – a lawless region bordering the Caucasus* mountains along Georgia's northern border.

“The Bush Administration's war on terrorism is fueled by a belief shared by the United States and Georgia that al Qaeda members, and other Islamic extremists from Chechnya, have taken refuge in northern Georgia along the Chechen border.

”There is suspicion that such military cooperation will also be used to suppress dissent along the pipeline route.

In a not unrelated development, President Bush proposed to spend $98 million in his 2003 budget to help Colombia protect an oil pipeline from guerrilla attacks. This may mark a new direction in foreign policy that will encourage U.S. companies to seek government aid. Julia Nanay, Director of the Petroleum Finance Co., which advises oil companies on international affairs said, “The U.S. wants to set a precedent for Baku-Ceyhan, which is a strategic interest. It will make lenders more comfortable and could attract investors.”

More Pipeline Info Here:

Implications of this Whole Mess If It Is True:

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