Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's amazing what can happen in 48 Hours - Part The First

"Songbird" McCain goes ahead and does what I thought impossible:

He finds someone actually less qualified than Joe "Israel First, America After Last" LIEberman.

Dear readers, here is Vice Presidential nominee, current Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin:

Michael Rivero of What Really Happened has turned what could have been a typical Labor Day Weekend into something truly special. Check out the video above, once again...but I want you to focus on one specific thing:

Focus on the object of McCain's focus...and you will notice, that on practically EVERY OCCASION where he can get away with it, that he is all over her TUCHIS.

In other words...he's checking out the booty juice, dear readers; at 1:54, he must've noticed a really tender moment, because he does what I like to call the Happy Cringe.

Don't Ask; Don't Tell...that's my motto.

As far as the campaign goes, he thought that he'd attract PUMA and the other various "disaffected" women by nominating a woman to be his Vice President. LIEberman was Albert "Global Warming will make me RUCH!" Gore's kiss of death; Mitt "Helmet-Head" Romney would only had added to Songbird's true status of being one of the so-called "elite"; but Palin's surprise nomination, on a Friday, and just before Labor Day Weekend, was maybe the single most shrewd moment in the eight bloody years that the Republican Party has ever displayed.

And John "Songbird" McCain could have COMPLETELY SCREWED IT with his lack of self-control.

Either that, or...remember the world in which we are now's ENTIRELY POSSIBLE that this will get Songbird the Presidency.

How, you ask, dear readers?

The Happy Cringe will ingratiate him with horny men throughout the United States proper. They will all go, "Man, that McCain knows a good piece-of-ass when he sees one, right?"

I kid you not.

I actually got to see Pay It Forward, and I must say...I've some mixed feelings about the ending of said movie.

I'll bet the original treatment didn't end with the candlelight'd think there'd be a triumphant moment as peace and love is spread through the country...yet, it's all stifled.

Kevin Spacey is fucking brilliant, as always; Helen Hunt is at once smokin', tragic, and yet, a MOTHER to Haley Joel Osment's character...that is what you call ACTING. She is excellent from beginning to end. Actually...if you haven't seen this in a while, I'd advise you to take in a viewing before this weekend ends...for two reasons:

1. The sexual undertone that runs through the movie are of the same subtle tone that is part of the RNC's strategy - not in your face (unless you got the scratch to get away with about 240 seconds worth;

2. Forget that ending! Instead..think of everyone around you, "Paying It Forward"...your neighbor made a pot roast, but the in-laws never made it for the visit...they call you up and offer you some dinner...the next day, you see another neighbor walking the know that they usually stop and ask if they need a find out that the car's in the shop...they just needed some eggs.

Give them a ride.

I got one...not too long ago.

I'm still "paying it forward", just as I have been since before I had ever heard of the concept.

One last bit of info: McCain Lies About Supporting Katrina Investigation - I got my tag-line in there...maybe it's time for T-Shirts!

Here is my gem:

America needs John "Songbird" McCain like Kim Phuc needed NAPALM.

I'll leave you with a documentary on Brazil:

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