Saturday, August 2, 2008

Skeletor as Tony Montana? Could be...

Harry Wittington may have caught Dick "Skeletor" Cheney during a special moment - while "hunting" farm-raised quail, he may have been acting out the final scene in SCARFACE.

Just a thought...

Of course, that brings me to the posting of the day - a segment of Keith Olbermann's COUNTDOWN dealt with The Worst Person in The World...can you guess as to whom it was? heard it correctly - Skeletor advocated using a FALSE-FLAG EVENT to foment a war with a sovereign nation.

Will someone give this freak some firecrackers and a couple of W dolls and lock his ass in a room?

What...are we ruining the profits of the oil and weapons companies this quarter?

This was posted on MySpace, and this tool commented - my reply immediately follows:

Chris wrote: "Olbermann is the biggest prick on the air. He's cocky, always full of BS, is blatently Liberal, and puts a HUGE Liberal slant on any "news" he "reports" on. He is one of the main reasons MSNBC is the most Liberal of all 24 hour news shows. And that is the reason that MSNBC is dead last in the ratings vs. other 24 hour news shows. Believe it or not, a show can be TOO liberal. Olbermann, and MSNBC, are SO liberal, they turn away the majority of "liberal" viewers. Now that is saying something."


You said just repaeated LIBERAL a bunch of times...and you didn't discuss the goddamn issue! Do you NOT have a problem with Skeletor calling to have Americans shot so that his fucking portfolio goes up? Does he really need profits that bad that your brother or friend gets shot up in a false-flag event? Are you so dopey that you'll just write LIBERAL over and over, and you'll get a big ol' cookie for keepin' dem LIBERALS down?

What a fucktard you are.

Man, it's scary - you're like a chicken voting for Colonel you think Cheney gives two quail's eggs aboout your ass? He'd shoot you in a hot second. How's this...because I know you're gonna get mad...but before you write your knee-jerk the clip again...and turn off your LIBERAL METER, and LISTEN. Does that plan sound like something GOOD? I'll expect your rant shortly...but I also hope that you'll agree that Cheney's plan is SHIT.

Let's see what transpires...

I understand that Condoleezza Rice will be performing classical piano in Aspen. So now they're letting the grinder monkey play the piano, too?

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