Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Anthrax Shenanigans continue...

I just had an epiphany:

So...the reason given for the lackluster response to the events of September 11th, 2001, is that there was a "drill" in place that simulated the actual terror event?


This wasn't a dry run; there must have been practice drills leading up to this...AND THEY FAILED!!!

Come on...wouldn't uo FIRE these incompentents? Yet, many of them were PROMOTED.

As far as the Anthrax false-flag...they can't place Dr. Bruce E. Ivins at the Urban Moving Systems facitily in Weehauken, NJ...but they can place Lt. Col. Philip Zack...

First…let’s address the issue of Alex Jones and Keith Olbermann not naming the actual perpetrator of the anthrax false-flag attack - Lt. Col. Philip Zack (a complaint from a fellow commenter on Prison Planet):

Alex and Keith would be subjected to a SHITSTORM the likes of which you have never witnessed.

You know how Alex states how he doesn’t want us, the truth-tellers of the events of September 11th, 2001 (and beyond), wasting time and postings defending him? He also doesn’t want us parroting him word-for-word; what I suggest is becoming your own authority on one aspect.

Don’t know anything about aeronautics? Don’t talk about the plane impacts.

Never delved into seismology? Don’t mention the building collapses.

Talk about what you know.

Don’t try to prove every instance...once you have mentioned a subject that you can speak authoritatively on, most 9/11 Deniers will just attempt to speak of another aspect, one that you may not have information on.

Tell them that you have not studied that aspect. If they are honest and just want information, the will simply accede to your honesty, and you can get on to something else.

However…if they start pouting the company line, inquire of them as to is the information they are imparting theirs, or something that they’re simply parroting so that they can “win” the argument. If they admit to as much, ask them to simply do some research. If they do not...stop wasting your time. They’d rather participate in the genocide of others, rather than admitting that they are dupes.

Alex and Keith are being faulted for not yelling his name from the rafters…but placed in their positions, I wouldn’t either. It’s not important if they say it - IT’S IMPORTANT IF YOU SAY IT.

ABC News LIED about the anthrax having originated from Iraq...repeatedly. When people are walking up and down the streets of America, angry that Lt. Col. Philip Zack is being protected against the will of WE THE PEOPLE, that’s when Alex and Keith can talk about it. When his name is on the lips of every thinking American, the tide of injustice will no longer flow freely.

Remember…we live in a planet without supermen…YOU have to be the one willing to do what’s necessary.

I would implore you to write to MSNBC, and give kudos not only to Keith and the staff at COUNTDOWN, but to congratulate them on their anthrax coverage, stating that you didn’t believe that the recently-expired scientist had anything to do with the false-flag event, and that you hope that the y continue to search for the real perpetrator.

Maybe then, you could mention that there’s a person of interest who has not been mentioned. See if they know to whom you’re referring.

But let me reiterate: Lt. Col. Philip Zack is provably the ONLY individual with the three items most associated with culpability:
Motive, Means and Opportunity.

Motive: He is a piece of Zionist garbage who attack a fellow Middle Eastern colleague with hateful speech, actions and displays.

Means: Unlike the recently deceased Bruce Ivins, he worked with the specific anthrax used in the attack.

Opportunity: He was fired in 1991 for the aforementioned attacks against colleagues, but in January of 1992, he was allowed access into the Fort Detrick bio-weapons lab by Dr. Marian Rippy.

The obfuscation provided by Dr. Barbara Rosenberg only served to keep the investigation directed away from Zack and onto Dr. Hatfill - but Hatfill wasn’t about to be anyone’s bitch, and fought against the false charges vigorously. As you can see, he knew, as a patriot, the fate that befalls the compliant.

I don’t purport to know Dr. Ivins’ mental processes, but he may have been of the mind to think,”Well, I didn’t do anything wrong…so I’ll just let them run roughshod over my life, and when they figure out that I’m innocent, well...all’s well that ends well.”

Well…how did that end?

The mental midgets who tell you to accept erosion of our rights and that “if you have nothing to hide, what’s the harm?”; tell them about Dr. Bruce E. Ivins.

He didn’t have anything to hide; yet, he’s dead.

To finish off this rant, I’ve figured out that the Reagan quote was incomplete…here’s the complete version: “The scariest words in the English language is “I’m from the government and here to help myself to the fruits of your labors - just bend over, and it’ll sting less…”

Update: confirmation that the anthrax scare was a total psy-op can be found here.

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