Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm on a roll today!

I met my buddies yesterday at the bar. Cowboy was there before I had arrived; Maverick arrived shortly after; his cowboy boots bore the brunt of our humor.

It was then that Maverick surprised me with the admission that he does NOT believe the explanation of the Salomon Brothers Building's collapse on the afternoon of September 11th, 2001. I've been screaming about this bloody thing for almost seven bloody years, and only until NOW, does it finally hit home?

Yes...and here's why:

The information was printed in a NEWSPAPER.

You see, Maverick is a luddite. Maverick has never touched a fact, he just got a disposable cell phone, and this was just so we wouldn't razz him about still being stuck in the 18th century. Maverick only trusts what he reads in print - especially anything printed by the Old Grey Lady, The New York Times.

So, it shocked me for a bit to hear him actually speak about WTC 7. As he spoke, I nodded my head and held back my self-important smirk, because it's not about my being right; rather, it's about recognizing lies when you hear or read them.

And make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen - the report by Dr. Shyam Sunder is a BOLD-FACED LIE.

So...that was good to hear.

I found this little gem today - Deconstructing A False-Flag Operation - I implore you to click on that link, read the verbiage presented...but most importantly, LISTEN TO THE SOUND FILE (it will play in your browser with a QuickTime plugin).

Are you starting to get it now?

Ben Stein, NIST
(301) 975-3097

Michael Newman, NIST
(301) 975-3025

Please contact the gentlemen listed above, and inform them that the explanation offered DOES NOT HOLD WATER.

Read the Existentialist Cowboy's rationale as to why Flight 77 could NOT have struck the Pentagon, the nerve center of the United States of America's defense.

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