Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Gun Grabbers (Prothink); They Live (We Sleep)

I just watched They Live for the first time this morning. They Live is an awesome film that happens to be weirdly appropriate for our time. The movie was produced and written by John Carpenter, who optioned both a comic book and a novel for the screenplay.

I'd like to commend John Carpenter for his almost prescient vision of the future. This could be a number of scenarios; the razing of the compound could be a corollary to what occurs in Palestine, with houses demolished by caterpillar bulldozers driven by heartless agents of the IDF; the jobless situation mirrors the state of our economy here in the U.S.; the media hypnotism is easily conflated with our current Distraction Media; and the revolution can fairly be aligned with the various September 11th Truth Movements.

Like John Nada, Frank Armitage and the rest of the rebellion, we can see the obvious truths that the general public seems to be blinded to; this, of course, is due partially to the obfuscation performed by our Distraction Media, and partially due to the "Lemming Effect", best described in Albert D. Pastore's Stranger Than Fiction.

You're welcome to view the movie, below, but just be sure to take the time to note all of the intricacies John Carpenter has placed into the movie - it couldn't have been done better than if he produced it last year.

So, with further ado, dear readers...I present to you - John Carpenter's They Live:

Just posted the following rant on Prison Planet:


If I had my way...or if our legislators and representatives weren't all pieces of mierda (espanol for SH!T), I would frog-march George Walker "Monkey King" Bush, Richard Bruce "Skeletor" Cheney, Condoleezza "House Negress" Rice, Colin "We sick, boss?" Powell, Richard "What NORAD standown" Myers, Douglas "Human Feces" Feith, Paul "Had To Pay For A Piece" Wolfowitz, Irving Scooter "Scumbag" Libby, Andrew "You know...if anyone actually timed how long it was for me to say what I told AMERICA I said to Der Fuhrer...they'd string me up by my ball hairs" Card, and EVERYONE ELSE involved in the operation called the September 11th terrorist attack, and slingshot them into the hole that was once our proud World Trade Center, after having them pied in the stocks.

I'm not totally sure if your comment was meant to be facetious or this point, I would venture to say that anyone who understands that the "official" narrative is a pile of steaming dung is imbued with anger that has seethed for over seven years.

We are rapidly approaching the seventh year of NOT RECEIVING ANSWERS...answers like:

Why did you get rid of the steel?
Why were the Pentagon impact videos all classified?
Why can no one explain WTC7's collapse?
Why isn't a controlled demolition scenario being considered?
Why did Christie Todd Whitman lie and say that the air was safe to breathe?
Why is she immune to lawsuits from rescue workers?
Why was FEMA in town the evening of September 10th, 2001?
Why are WE THE PEOPLE supposed to believe that two...count 'em...TWO PASSPORTS survive conflagarations that destroyed "indestructible" black boxes?
Why did "experts" lie about the composition of WTC building 1 & 2? They were composed of thousands of tons of steel, not bloody trusses!

You see...using common can actually get answers to many of these queries...but the thinking person can''t stand being lied to by IDIOTS...and that is what these scumbags are...F*CKING IDIOTS.

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