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The 9/11 Chronicles - Part One: Truth Rising - My Review

First, let's start with this bunch of silliness by the once-revered British Broadcasting Corporation:
BBC Hit Piece Edits Silverstein Comment In Dirty Tricks Scam

The BBC’s embarrassing attempt to dig itself out of a hole that keeps getting deeper was again exemplified during their latest yellow journalism hit piece on 9/11 truth, in which they played Larry Silverstein’s “pull it” comment but edited out the most important part of the statement, and in doing so changed its context altogether.

An army of informed truth activists are almost tripping over each other to point out the gargantuan number of errors, ad hominem smear tactics, bias and shoddy investigative techniques displayed in the program which aired Sunday in the UK.

Just one such example concerns WTC complex leaseholder Larry Silverstein’s infamous “pull it” comment which can be viewed in its entirety below with other clips included for context in confirming that the term “pull it” is industry jargon for deliberately demolishing a building.

Watch the clip.

However, in the BBC’s attempt to convince the viewer that “pull it” meant to withdraw firefighters from the building, despite the fact that according to NIST’s WTC collapse lead investigator Shyam Sunder, “There was no firefighting in WTC 7,” and additionally the FEMA report, which stated “No manual firefighting actions were taken by FDNY,” the editors carefully snipped out the last portion of Silverstein’s comments where he states, “and then we watched the building collapse.

BBC calls 9/11 Tape Misplacement "Cock-Up, Not Conspiracy" - laughable, but NOT funny...

The Third Tower

By deliberately removing “and then we watched the building collapse,” the BBC has performed a hatchet job on the whole context of the statement by censoring the fact that the collapse of WTC 7 was a consequence of the decision to “pull” the building.

The BBC’s zealous efforts to redeem its name by ceaselessly attacking the 9/11 truth movement accelerated after the broadcaster was shamed when footage from 9/11 emerged of their correspondent Jane Standley reporting that WTC 7 had collapsed even as it remained standing in the shot behind her head.

Questions as to how this could have happened and allegations that news corporations, whether wittingly or unwittingly, were being fed a script on the day of 9/11 as it unfolded were met with hostility, and the BBC claimed it had “lost” the tape.

The tape was miraculously “discovered” again on the eve of the broadcast of their latest hit piece but the footage was not shown in the program, presumably to avoid further embarrassment.

Below you can read articles concerning the mountain of other lies contained in the hit piece and watch a discussion about the program with Alex Jones and Jason Bermas.

We will be picking apart the BBC’s latest atrocious effort to claim they have “solved the final mystery of 9/11″ over the course of this week with multiple investigative reports and as we did last time - debunk this latest hit piece as nothing more than the revolting stench of yellow journalism.

Now...as promised, dear readers...my review of The 9/11 Chronicles - Part One: Truth Rising

So...I woke up this morning and decided that I would watch this in its entirety, uninterrupted. The film begins with a montage of situations to be focused upon in the film. Alex Jones is not heard until approximately seven minutes into the film...,next, we hear from various individuals, including at nine minutes, twenty-five seconds, a completely confused woman, who screams insanities at the 9/11 Truther crowd assembled at Ground Zero.

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange leads the testimonies - we hear from David Miller, who now has to walk around with a respirator; David Bonillo, who lost his father; and Dan Wallace, who passed away days after his testimony.

Luke then shares an encounter; his first big encounter, I believe, with Zbigniew Brzezinski - oddly, Zbiggy pulls a "Ben Stern" with his "shut up, sit down" responses to Luke's totally appropriate queries.

Luke then confronts David Rockefeller - interesting standoff. Next, Sabrina Rivera takes the truth to "America's Asshat", former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani - he is confronted with his own words, and completely LIES about what he stated on television. He is later seen in the film laughing like a syphilitic hyena.

Barack Obama completely ducks a question posed to him...but is filmed with an "Investigate 9/11" sign in the foreground, as is John "Songbird" McCain...but "Songbird" later claifies his stance...or does he? He does flip-flop like a flounder on a hot pan. John Conyers is greeted with the fact of being an accessory to this heinous crime against Americans, and offers to meet with the 9/11 Truthers...though we all know how that ended.

We are then treated to the Whoremaster himself, former President "Slick Willy" William Jefferson Clinton, who uses techniques straight from The Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression, notably numbers 2 and 9. He admits to "some knowledge" of what occurs at "Bohemian Club", mangling that name of the well-known Bohemian Grove, which Alex Jones exposed to their chagrin, but relegating the membership to Republicans.

Ah...the old limited hangout...

Some dumb-ass wooden headed newscaster invokes the Gestapo in regards to questions, as does Bill Maher...gatekeep much, Billy-Boy?

Senator Joe Biden is asked about his meeting with General Mahmoud Ahmad, who facilitated the wire transfer of $100,000...Biden blows it off, stating "diplomatic courtesy", or some such garbage.

Once again, Bill Maher obfuscates the fact of the Salomon Brothers Building collapse by stating that "I don't believe that President Bush brought down Building 7."

Bill...I don't believe that ANYONE ever said that HE did. If you were interested in TRUTH, and not accepting BLOOD MONEY for your prevarications, you wouldn't have shouted over the individual in your audience that night.


Speaking of shameful...here comes Bill "Falafel" O'Reilly. He whines about poor Speaker of the House nancy Pelosi, who was voted in to enact the will of WE THE PEOPLE...but apparently, her people do NOT reside in the United States proper...

Current New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg does not respond to queries from Luke in regards to voting against measures proposed to assist rescue workers with the repercussions of breathing the poisoned air at Ground Zero. He is confronted by an officer, who, after hearing Luke out, AGREES WITH LUKE in regards to the treatment of those individuals who risked their lives to assist others.

As Alex forecasted, our law enforcement agencies have taken advantage of the events of September 11th to enact police state measures. Kevin McPadden relays an account of foreknowledge of the Salomon Brothers Building's "collapse". There CANNOT be a clearer example of foreknowledge than this.

Richard Gage is an architect - his knowledge of building structures and the science behind them prove to put the lie to the "official" story. Van Romero had himself stated that the "collapses" appeared to be controlled demolitions...even though he recanted this testimony mere days later, but compare his original testimony to the recantation.

William Rodriguez has been called all kinds of names by purveyors of the "official" mantra, but his account is absolutely verified by Joel Schroeder, a fireman who barely escaped with his life, thanks to the fortitude of William Rodriguez. Joel encountered many anomalies while assisting others in the tower.

Christie Tood Whitman is shown LYING to the American public in regards to air quality safety.

Thanks to her lies, John Feal's roommate must take twenty-six medications daily.

The scene shifts to Calgary, Alberta, canada, where we meet Nathan Moulton engaging in some viral marketing at a Wal-Mart, using their own PA system to make various announcements regarding 9/11 Truth.

Mark Dice sits atop a bear statue using amegaphone...it is not long before a LEO comes calling.

Here's a tried and true method of communication: GIRLS IN BIKINIS!

Michael Moore is confronted and due to the testimony of firefighters, adds his voice to the multitudes clamoring for a REAL investigation of the vent in question.

Bill O'Reilly denigrates the great Willie Nelson. PINHEAD? I think not.

Mark Dice confronts Danny Bonaduce, dropping names of various individuals; apparently Danny could care less. Considering that Danny has trouble differentiating between a woman and a man dressed as a woman, he may wish to consider his own problem-solving skills when denigrating others.

Gary Hart is questioned by Brian Kelly about a missive that he sent, which was supposed to be received as a "tongue-in-cheek" communique, but invokes the U.S.S. Maine...interesting. Gary, it seems like you were actually one of the better ones...the Donna Rice incident that became your downfall was complete horseshite.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura was previously a demolitions expert in the Armed Forces; after watching various films regarding September 11th, he became convinced that the "official" narrative is flwaed, to say the least.

Current California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger parades around proudly with his Schutz-Staffel belt buckle; Rosie O'Donnell was booted off unceremoniously from The View because of her opinions in regards to September 11th, 2001.

Danny Bonaduce appears on the John Gibson Radio News Broadcast, where they remark upon Danny's berating of Mark Dice. They do, however, admit that the video clip of that interview made huge waves on YouTube.

Martin Sheen gives some common sense views into the smoking gun that I consider the Salomon Brothers building, also known as WTC 7.

George Carlin explains the concept, "Who watches the watchmen?"

Raymond Schwab is confronted by some idiot LEO who thinks that we're in 1930s Germany...he demands papers when he refuses to turn off the camera...the intimidation doesn't quite work when ONE IS AWARE OF THEIR RIGHTS...boy, that must stick in their craws. They offer one of the mre reasonable officers a link to view their film...hopefully, he does so.

It's amazing what our LEOs think they can get away with in regards to what they are allowed and NOT allowed to do...but the camera is The Great Equalizer.

Hey, look! "Slick Willy" Clinton parrots the "19 hijackers from Saudi Arabia" crapola...hasn't he heard that the story doesn't wash? Probably too busy sniffing zoftig chick's thongs...

Hillary Rodham Clinton just completely LIES about attending the Bilderberg Meeting in 2006. Bill performs the old "limited hangout" by using Vernon Jordan as a cutout, but his admission puts the lie to Hillary's prevarications.

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan is thanked for "destroying our country by use of the Federal Reserve" - of course, the Gestapo/LEOs are all too glad to obey orders.

Larry "Two Sheds" Silverstein lies to an audience at the New York Law School.

Former Presidential candidate John Edwards does not respond to queries that he is a tool of the Council for Foreign Relations.

Here, at one hour, twenty-seven minutes, is where you can hear "America's Asshat" Rudolph Giuliani laughing like an idiot. Of course, gold takes precedence over people in his view.

9/11 rescue workers discuss the problems they are having in obtaining well-deserved health care.

Luke and the boys engage in some information dispersal on the subway.

Elliot Nesch from Beit Shalom Ministries actually encounter a reasonable LEO in Illinois - he seems genuinely impressed with their mission.

An example of 9/11 Truther demonization is then presented for all to see.

Cut to Times Square...the most despicable happening occurs - Geraldo "Jerry Rivers" Rivera happens to be taping a live show; the boys get wind of this and make to force the issue upon his show. Suffice it to say that Geraldo's response to the 9/11 Truthers exhibits a COMPLETE DISDAIN for the people affected by the events of September 11th, 2001. He then insults them en masse with the shenanigans committed by Senator Larry Craig and Joey DiFatta - yes - "gay bathroom sex".

The capper - Alex Jones is arrested for...

..."unlicensed usage of a sound device". Alex is freed within the hour, and the point has been made.

Again, "America's Asshat" Rudolph Giuliani is confronted with the reprehensible act of mixing in the remains of 40% of the victims of September 11th, 2001 with concrete in order to obfuscate any forensic efforts.

Christine Ebersole grabs the bullhorn and declares that the truth will out.

Congressman and former Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich promises to research the events of September 11th, 2001. Say what you will...Dennis has at least orchestrated an effort to introduce Articles of Impeachment, currently being blocked by SOTH Nancy Pelosi.

We close the film with some last words from 9/11 rescue workers...look at the thickness of the dust on the vehicles...does THAT look safe to breathe?

Bo Dietl gets in one of the last words. Go, Bo!

Mexican President Vicente Fox expresses his desire for a NORTH AMERICAN UNION...yes, you heard it here, folks! That's why the machinery is afoot to have our dollar achieve parity with the PESO.

Okay...that was mostly a play-by-play, with some minor commentary. I want to say that I was riveted!

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