Monday, July 14, 2008

Oooh - I've been called an anti-Semite! Oh, Dear! Oh, Get Outta Here!

Yes...someone was actually dopey enough to swing that old canard my way...

The problem ENTIRE LIFE has indicated that I harbor NO SUCH SENTIMENTS.

I could name the people in my life who clearly belong to the Jewish faith, people I am proud to call my friends, but I wouldn't want them to have to explain the information presented herein on this site to the thick-headed dullards who would presume to fling insults haphazardly like chimpanzees in cages flinging butt mud.

I am interested in EXACTLY ONE THING: bringing the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA back to its former glory; restoring the Republic for WE THE PEOPLE.

Because of the machinations of the stupid, small-minded GLOBALISTS, our ENTIRE WORLD is in danger.

Their sycophants believe that they will reap some benefits denied to all others...IDIOTS - hasn't history, TIME AND TIME AGAIN, illustrated that you are NOTHING but USEFUL IDIOTS, to be DISCARDED as soon as your "usefulness" has come to an end?

Voodoo economics...yeah, THAT CRAP WORKED.

"The market will regulate itself"...sure...NO ONE WILL GAME THE SYSTEM.


Are we going to DEMAND that GE/GM Foods are BANNED? There is an Executive Order issued by George Herbert Walker Bush that states, "GM Foods are exactly the same as naturally-formed foods."

Well...if that IS true...WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE A PATENT ON?!? Of course, it's NOT - it flies against common sense that GE/GM Foods can be the "same" as natural foods. I believe that these GE/GM scientists FAILED basic chemistry, because the sum of all parts DO NOT EQUAL their separate components.

These idiots obviously did not test for EVERY adverse reaction from splicing genes - why are the soybeans in Brazil causing LESIONS on the legs and feet of people MERELY CROSSING THROUGH THEM?

Does THAT sound like something you want on the INSIDE of your body?

We cannot allow the world to be sold away for thirty pieces.

So, please understand, dear readers...NOTHING I have said denotes any hatred for any group of people...I HATE the SCUMBAGS who are ransoming our lives, our families and our planet for PROFIT.

You are FOOLS.

And when the world begets too many fools, nature ALWAYS provides a FOOLKILLER.

This posting is dedicated to Steve Gerber, creator of the Foolkiller, Howard The Duck and many other creations.

Update: Speaking of comics and stuff...did you see The Dark Knight? I actually saw it TWICE.


911truthisalie said...

The only difference between your 9/11 Denial and Holocaust Denial is the subject matter.

hANOVER fIST said...

Oh ho - here comes the sphincter cheese!

"Let's see if I can trap this guy into denying the Holocaust..."

You have now proven yourself to be a total shill, and most likely a paid disinformation dispenser. the kid gloves come off, pal.

I recently visited a web page which discussed the IMPOSSIBILITY of the facts surrounding to make this clear:

The "facts" purport that 870,000 Jews were buried at Treblinka; yet, analysis of the grounds within and without the camp show NO DISTURBANCE of the soil; NO BODIES buried; NO EVIDENCE of mass graves; NO EVIDENCE of human remains.

Now...what do you say to THAT? Understand...this is not my view...I have not been to Treblinka to see this for myself, but I do understand that the Holocaust seems to be the one subject that is VERBOTEN.

I wonder why... regards to the events of September 11th, don't try to tell me that you believe wholeheartedly in the "official" story...because the "official" story is for MORONS.

You still haven't addressed the "indestructible passports" issue I asked about don't think that you get a pass.

Until you explain that...YOU are the one in denial.

911truthisalie said...

One of the trademarked signs of a 9/11 Denier is the repetition of the canard that there is some mystical "official story" about 9/11.

The rational world knows that there is nothing but massive indpenedent evidence from multiple sources that informs us what happened.

Your religious leaders have you believe it's just a "story" from the "government" and you are gullible enough to fall for it, Hanover.

You poor little 9/11 Truth Kiddie.

hANOVER fIST said...

You wrote in your utter stupidity: "One of the trademarked signs of a 9/11 Denier is the repetition of the canard that there is some mystical "official story" about 9/11."

Your moral compass must rotate like Boy George at the Spike Club.


What an asshat you are.

Your site is an affront to everyone who lost family and friends in that shitty attack.

I see that you plan to avoid the issue altogether, and just engane in ad hominem attacks...well, you picked the wrong bloke, bumboy.