Monday, July 28, 2008

An End Run Around The Constitution? NOT!

Read this article...

This asshat wants to outlaw the right to assembly.

Considering that he's in Oklahoma City...his time would be better spent explaining to the parents of the 168 children who were MURDERED in the Murrah Building just how IMPOSSIBLE it was for a truck bomb to do the damage it was purported to have done, considering the distance from the building - there should have been a crater equidistant from the facade of the building to under the truck...and I'll bet that there was NO SUCH THING.

There were, however, multiple media accounts of ADDITIONAL UNEXPLODED BOMBS being removed from the building...of course, when those reports indicated that Timothy McVeigh was UNABLE to have placed said bombs in the buildings, those reports were ceased.

Please write back and/or call this nitwit, and inform him that lawful assembly is a right that WE THE PEOPLE will not abrogate for ANY BLOODY REASON.

Contact: State Rep. Paul Wesselhoft
Capitol: (405) 557-7343
Moore: (405) 794-9464

One last note: gotta love the "Peak Oil" crap...we have been gamed by RETARDS.

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